OWS protesters regroup online ahead of anniversary action

OWS protesters regroup online ahead of anniversary action

Occupy Wall Street protesters are organising online as they prepare to mark the imminent one year anniversary of their arrival in Zuccotti Park by once again descending on New York's financial district.

Protesters occupied the park on 17 September last year with their 'we are the 99%' rallying cry, demanding action to address corporate greed and income inequality. The occupation hit a chord, inspiring hundreds of copycats around the world and dominating the news agenda.

However, two months later protesters were forced out of Zuccotti Park and the global movement lost momentum as winter set in and uncertainty and disagreement about what should come next caused internal tension.

A year on, with the underlying issues that inspired the occupation still sources of widespread public anger, plans are underway to reboot Occupy by once again marching on Wall Street for an event dubbed #S17.

According to Bloomberg, protesters plan to block traffic in the area on the day and encircle the New York Stock Exchange, while some members threatening to bring handcuffs and make citizens arrests of bankers.

A dedicated Web site has been set up, providing a schedule, beginning on 15 September and building up to 17 September when "all roads lead to Wall Street".

The site offers details on how to participate, with interested parties able to sign up e-mail newsletters and text alerts. Protesters can also download and upload posters, blog about their stories, get advice on setting up their own protests and donate to the movement.

Twitter and Facebook are also being used to spread the message, while a YouTube video imploring people to get off their couch and join in has been made:

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