Man hides A$15k in oven, wife cooks it

Man hides A$15k in oven, wife cooks it

An Australian man has seen $15,000 go up in smoke after he hid the cash in the oven, only for his wife to decide to cook some chicken nuggets.

The unnamed Sydney resident told Ninemsn that, having sold his Toyota Supra car on Saturday, he decided to put the cash in the oven for safe-keeping because his wife 'never used it'.

Unfortunately, on this occasion she did, turning it on to cook some chicken nuggets for the couple's children.

When she told her husband what had happened, "I struggled to breathe, I said 'I burnt the money, I burnt the money'. I felt like I was going to faint".

The man - who had sold the car to help make mortgage payments - took the remains of the cash to his local WestPac branch but a member of staff refused to accept it.

"I was quite insulted. I asked her to send it to the RBA [Reserve Bank of Australia], I told her 'please it's all I got' but she didn't want to," he told Ninemsn.

A WestPac spokesman has since apologised and vowed to do "whatever we can" within RBA guidelines which state that if pieces of the same note are handed over, each one is deemed "to be worth a share of the value in proportion to its size".

Sydney man hides $15k in oven, wife cooks it - Ninemsn

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I think there is a nem for it -Micro-Finance. Sorry, could not help myself. ;-)

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