Thomas Cook and Oanda to offer FX fulfilment over the Web

Thomas Cook and Oanda to offer FX fulfilment over the Web

Web-based currency conversion outfit Oanda is teaming with Thomas Cook Global and Financial Services to provide an online foreign exchange ordering and fulfilment service.

The new currency exchange service, called FXDelivery, will be made available to US users of Oanda's online currency converters. The Oanda system is used on over 13,000 of the Internet's most popular travel and tourism sites, including AOL, Alta Vista, and Swissair. The FXDelivery service will be rolled out internationally to Canada, Europe and Australia upon completion of the US release in September.

Users of Oanda's currency converter on partner Web sites can research the exchange of 164 currencies, in any number of combinations or quantities. Now, on the results page of the currency converter, surfers seeking currency exchange services will have the option of pressing a button that says, "Buy Currency Now." Next, an online form will pop up asking for delivery and payment information. Thomas Cook Global & Financial Services concludes the process by fulfilling the order, packaging and sending it to the customer, via either 2nd day or overnight courier.

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