Financial Models wins Van Lanschot Asset Management

Financial Models wins Van Lanschot Asset Management

Netherlands-based Van Lanschot Asset Management (VLAM) is to implement technology from Financial Models Company (FMC) to manage its front-to-back office investment operations.

VLAM will integrate FMCModel, FMCTrade, Pacer, Recon, Sylvan (including Sylvan Composites and Security Level Attribution), and Pages from FMC's product suite in an effort to automate the investment process and improve customer service.

The overhaul will enable VLAM to offer customers more detailed analysis and a tailored suite of reports. FMC's product suite will offer additional functionality to end-users, allowing them to maximise productivity and manage a wider range of international securities.

Following a year-long search for a system, Gerard Sirks, director at Van Lanschot Asset Management, says an influential factor in the assessment was FMC's knowledge of global investment operations and processes, and its suite of existing functionality built to meet the requirements of European users.

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