Ex-Citigroup VP gets eight years for $23m embezzlement

Ex-Citigroup VP gets eight years for $23m embezzlement

Former Citigroup treasurer Gary Foster has been sentenced to just over eight years in jail for embezzling nearly $23 million from the bank.

Foster, a former vice president in Citigroup's treasury finance department, received the 97 month term at a Brooklyn courthouse having already pleaded guilty in September.

Between September 2003 and June 2011, Foster transferred money from various accounts to Citigroup's cash account and then wired the dough to his personal JPMorgan Chase account.

He concealed the theft by making various false accounting entries to create the appearance that the cash account was in balance and by placing a fraudulent contract or deal number in the reference line of the wire transfer instructions.

Foster used the money to buy real estate and luxury cars, including a Ferrari and a Maserati.

The illegal transfers were spotted during an internal audit and the evidence handed over to the FBI. Foster was arrested last June and initially pleaded innocent before changing his mind. The government has already seized or restrained property from him worth $14 million.

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