O2 tests mobile wallet in small Welsh village

O2 tests mobile wallet in small Welsh village

A small village in South Wales without a single cash machine has been chosen as the test-bed for a new mobile wallet service from O2.

Rhiwbina was chosen from villages across the UK to demonstrate how the newly launched O2 Wallet could help the 11,000 residents who often find themselves short of cash at the most inconvenient moments.

Launched last month, O2 Wallet enables users to send and receive money, compare prices and shop via their mobile.

Residents of Rhiwbina were challenged to use their digital wallets in everyday situations, such as paying back IOUs, buying a round of drinks in the pub or giving pocket money to their teenagers.

Heidi Peake, a local mum, told the O2 Money team: "I really like the 'request money' feature. I did some shopping for a friend this morning and I asked for the money back via an O2 Money Message."

James Le Brocq, managing director at O2 Money, believes the Wallet can solve a variety of everyday money issues for consumers who find themselves strapped for cash in rural backwaters.

"With O2 Wallet, it's easier to transfer money, track expenditure and pay quickly and securely using your mobile," he says. "We believe it will transform the way people manage their finances and spend money."

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Michael Kyritsis
Michael Kyritsis - ACI - London 28 June, 2012, 09:59Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

The article assumes that in the absence of cash the only option is a mobile wallet! Well what about using a credit or a debit card? I'm afraid I can poke holes in the use cases for example "buying a round of drinks in the pub" - please find me one pub that will let me use a mobile wallet, but won't accept cards...