SEB builds record-breaking coin mosaic

SEB builds record-breaking coin mosaic

The future of cash and the euro may both be looking a little uncertain but the Estonian arm of Swedish bank SEB has managed to find a use for them, building a world record-breaking coin mosaic complete with working QR code.

The bank roped in 412 employees to fashion 53,757 coins into a 20 square meter mosaic at its annual summer festival in Tallinn under the watchful eye of an authorised inspector from Guinness World Records.

The mosaic was created with 46,241 10-cent coins and the 7,516 5-cent coins, giving it a total value of EUR4999.90 and weight of 219 kg.

By using coins in two colours, the SEB employees managed to build a functioning QR code which could be read using a mobile phone, although the bank has not revealed what exactly it did.

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