Nokia trials Brazilian mobile NFC payments

Nokia trials Brazilian mobile NFC payments

Handset manufacturer Nokia has launched a commercial contactless mobile payments trial in Brazil, enabling customers to carry out transactions by tapping phones.

The PagSeguro NFC app, developed by the Nokia Institute of Technology in Brazil, works with three of the firm's smartphones, the C7, N9 and 701.

The service does not work with NFC point-of-sale systems, instead requiring both the seller and buyer to have a handset with the app installed.

The vendor enters the amount they are charging into the app and taps their phone against the buyer's, who then sees the details on their screen and confirms the payment, with the money transferred from a linked credit card of PayPal account.

Nokia has been enthusiastically pushing contactless, unveiling its first Windows-based NFC-enabled handset in Europe last week. However, it is unsure on other phone-based financial services; recently announcing the closure of its mobile money service in India.

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