IBM server crash hits Canadian bank services

IBM server crash hits Canadian bank services

An outage at IBM's server farm in Montreal has knocked out online services and ATMs at two Canadian banks, according to a local press report.

The site lost power on Monday evening, hitting IBM clients National Bank of Canada and Laurentian Bank, as well as Equifax and Air Canada.

According to the Montreal Gazette, National Bank's online banking and ATMs throughout Canada were down on Monday night and Tuesday afternoon, with staff working through the night to reboot systems.

Laurentian Bank suffered similar problems between 10pm on Monday and 4am on Tuesday while Air Canada was forced to delay some flights.

IBM spokesperson Carrie Bendzsa told the Gazette: "The outage appears to have been caused by a failure in the programmable logic control system which controls the universal power supply."

Crash at IBM computer server farm affects online banking, Air Canada - Montreal Gazette

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