Israeli hackers take down Arab bank sites

Israeli hackers take down Arab bank sites

The latest salvo in the Middle East cyber-war has seen Israeli hackers knock out Web sites belonging to two Arab banks.

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and the Gaza-based Arab Bank are both down at the time of writing, the latest victims in an escalating tit-for-tat war between Israeli and Arab hackers.

Before the attacks, a group calling itself IDF-Team posted a message on Pastebin warning that the banks would be targeted in retaliation for an earlier hit on Israel's anti-drug authority's site.

The message warns that there is no time limit on the attacks and it is "up to factors terrorists stop their terrorist acts against Israel and attempts to disrupt the normal course of life in Israel. If there is no change in the near future than will be disabled as well as stock market sites, government sites, such as Yes: And sites related to the country's economy and even security."

Earlier this week, IDF-Team briefly hit the Web sites of stock exchanges in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi in retaliation for an attack on the Tel Aviv bourse.

Groups on both sides of the issue have also posted credit card details online, while one Israeli hacker, Hannibal, has published the Facebook credentials, including e-mail addresses and passwords of 85,000 "helpless Arabs" on Pastebin.

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