Ingenico brings PayPal option to POS terminals

Ingenico brings PayPal option to POS terminals

US merchants with Ingenico point-of-sale terminals will be able to accept PayPal payments from customers, under a deal struck between the two firms.

Having achieved huge success in e-commerce, PayPal is setting its sights on the high street, taking on card companies Visa and MasterCard as the boundaries between online and offline merge.

The company has already begun piloting its new point-of-sale technology with US retail giant Home Depot, enabling customers to either swipe a card connected to their PayPal account or enter a code and their phone number into the terminal.

Now terminal manufacturer Ingenico has begun to integrate PayPal's payment card offering into its legacy Unicapt32 platform POS devices as well as its entire new generation of Telium 2 series systems.

Thierry Denis, president, Ingenico North America, says: "By working with PayPal to bring their payment solutions to offline retail, we will naturally empower both the merchant, by providing a better way to connect with its shoppers to generate incremental sales, and the shoppers by adding speed and convenience at the checkout combined with expanded payment options."

The news comes on the heels of a PayPal deal with AJB Software Design, which connects retailers' terminals with payment processors, to make it easier for merchants to offer a PayPal option to customers.

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Jan-Olof Brunila
Jan-Olof Brunila - Swedbank - Stockholm 17 January, 2012, 14:00Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

What is the convenience for a customer to enter a multi digit phone number + a user code on a merchant terminal keypad instead of swiping a card and entering a 4 digit pin code?

Michael Kyritsis
Michael Kyritsis - ACI - London 06 February, 2013, 11:231 like 1 like

Jan-Olof, the convenience is that sun-bronzed Californians (this works only in the US) can roam the beaches wearing next-to-nothing, not carrying wallets, and still buy their frapachinos by remembering their own cell phone numbers.  Now what was it again... 555-? err, um...