MoneyVista financial planning suite launches

MoneyVista financial planning suite launches

Royal London Group has launched MoneyVista, a Web site offering Brits personalised financial planning services and tools.

Charging £8 a month, or £75 a year (with a 30 day free trial) the site is aimed at the 11 million Brits who are 'financially active' but do not have an adviser, helping them to create and maintain a money plan.

Users enter information about their savings, investments, property, pensions, income and outgoings and are then provided with an overview of their financial position in a simple plan.

MoneyVista from Brand42 on Vimeo.

MoneyVista says it helps people to put financial decisions into a wider, long-term context, showing the current and future impact of any actions they are considering.

For example, the site can help users plan for their old age, letting them see the financial effect of starting their retirement earlier or later, the impact of saving more now, and whether their property really could be their pension.

Martin Peterlechner, head, marketing, MoneyVista, says: "For many of us, seeing our financial future can be a tough reality to face. However, by bringing your financial plan to life, and helping you to understand your options, MoneyVista can help consumers to develop and monitor a realistic plan to achieve their financial goals."

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