First Union deters hackers with Arcot WebFort

First Union deters hackers with Arcot WebFort

First Union has selected Arcot Systems' WebFort authentication technology to protect its digital certificates from hack attacks and to provide remote access capabilities for users who need secure mobility.

Earlier this year, First Union evaluated the use of Arcot Secure Digital Identity Technology for deployment across several of its product offerings. Future plans call for the deployment of Arcot technology in a number of internal and customer-facing applications.

Arcot WebFort stores a user's digital credentials securely by camouflaging them in a PIN-protected container - called an ArcotID - rendering them immune to brute force and offline attacks.

Peter Browne, senior VP and head of the corporate information and support division of First Union says the Arcot system enhances security at the desktop and simplifies the user experience without the need for smart cards and their associated infrastructure.

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