Wells Fargo sends statements to wrong customers

Wells Fargo sends statements to wrong customers

A faulty printer has seen Wells Fargo customers sent parts of statements belonging to other people.

An unknown number of customers in South Carolina and Florida have been affected by the issue, caused by a single malfunctioning printer in Charlotte.

The printer is thought to have put multiple customers' account and transaction information on pages, or a single page, of one statement, according to The Post and Courier.

Susan Hovermale, told local TV station ABC 4 that after receiving a call from someone with her bank statement she checked all four of her Wells Fargo accounts and found four different people's details.

Spokesman Josh Dunn told the Post and Courier that Wells Fargo was treating the issue as a security breach, any resultant fraud would be covered by the bank and affected customers are being offered one year's worth of free ID theft protection.

Wells Fargo mixes up customer statements - The Post and Courier

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