Robin Hood Tax campaign asks supporters to make their own films

Robin Hood Tax campaign asks supporters to make their own films

In its latest wheeze to drum up support for a financial transaction tax, the Robin Hood campaign is inviting people to make their own interactive videos on the issue.

The Robin Hood Tax campaign was launched last year by a group of 48 non-profits, using celebrities and social media to rally public support for a cause it claims would raise billions to fight poverty and climate change.

The idea picked up momentum last month when European Commission president José Manuel Barroso called for a Europe-wide transaction tax from 2014 to raise EUR57 billion a year to swell the continent's struggling public coffers.

The proposed system would see a tax of 0.1 per cent on trading of stocks and bonds, with a 0.01 per cent rate for derivatives contracts.

"In the last three years, member states have granted aid and provided guarantees of EUR4.6 trillion to the financial sector. It is time for the financial sector to make a contribution back to society," said Barroso.

However, with the City likely to be particularly hard hit if the tax were introduced, the UK government is resistant to the plan.

The Robin Hood campaign has moved to put pressure on the Prime Minister, with spokesman David Hillman, arguing: "While the UK government defends the interests of the City's privileged few, this shows Europe is ready to ensure banks pay their dues to society. David Cameron needs to end the UK's isolation and put himself on the side of public opinion by supporting these international efforts."

To build public support, the group is asking people to 'star' in a Robin Hood Tax film alongside actor Bill Nighy and share it through Twitter and Facebook.

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