Americans connecting with card issuers via social media

Americans connecting with card issuers via social media

Americans are beginning to use social media to connect with their credit card issuers, according to a survey from Synergistics which shows a quarter of respondents have become a fan, friend or follower of their provider.

Of 877 cardholders, 23% have become friends of a card brand or organisation through Facebook. Other forms of social media are far less popular for this purpose, with LinkedIn used by five per cent and MySpace and Twitter just four per cent.

When asked why they became a fan, friend or follower, around a third say it was to keep up with special promotions or deals. About one in six made the move to learn about the experiences others have had with the company and a similar number identify with the brand or want to share their thoughts.

Only eight per cent of respondents have used social media to handle customer services issues; six per cent have used Facebook for this, two per cent LinkedIn and MySpace and one per cent Twitter.

Genie Driskill, COO, Synergistics, says: "Card issuers should continue to expand their online strategies for customer outreach and brand exposure. In using social networks, issuers will need to respect the social nature of the media and focus outgoing messages on discount and promotional announcements and responses to customer inquiries."

The high level of interest from Americans contrasts with the attitudes of Brits responding to a recent survey from ForeSee Results which found 97% have no interest in friending, following or liking their banks on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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