Cybercrook peddles Zeus source code

Cybercrook peddles Zeus source code

A crook has taken to online forums to hawk what he claim is the source code for the notorious Zeus Trojan, according to security firm CSIS.

In a blog post, CSIS's Peter Kruse says the firm has been watching someone using the handle IOO trying to sell what he claims is the Zeus code (although Kruse stresses this cannot be verified).

In a message to a prospective buyer, IOO says: "Selling full source code of the latest Zeus Bot from author for cheap price. I do not sell bins."

He adds "SCREENSHOT FOR THE LULZ" and posts what appears to be an image of parts of the code.

Late last year dozens of gang members were arrested in the US, UK and Ukraine accused of tapping the infamous malware to steal $70 million from bank accounts.

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