FPL launches FIXwiki

FPL launches FIXwiki

FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL) has launched FIXwiki, an interactive Web tool to help the trading community share knowledge and information about the front office protocol.

The wiki Web site will let representatives from FPL member firms contribute information, provide comments, and share knowledge and insight to support the future development of the FIX Protocol messaging standard. It will also be viewable by the broader FIX user community.

FIXwiki - developed and donated by Cameron Edge CEO John Cameron - was built using the FIX Repository, which provides the detailed content of each version of the specification in a computer-readable XML format.

Says Cameron: "FIXwiki allows FIX users to interact more closely with the FIX specification, which can only be a good thing for both the users and the specification. It complements the existing FIX discussion forums, on the FPL website, which offer insight and advice on questions raised regarding the protocol by providing a natural place for capturing the conclusions of those discussions."

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