LSE hosts virus-infected advert on Web site; ASX hit by glitch

LSE hosts virus-infected advert on Web site; ASX hit by glitch

Web browsers are warning users about visiting the London Stock Exchange Internet site after the bourse accidentally posted a virus-infected advert.

Users trying to visit through Firefox are faced with a message warning that the site is a "reported attack page!" Google Chrome and Apple's Safari have also been cautioning visitors.

Firefox says that "attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system".

Meanwhile, Google says it last found suspicious content on the site yesterday. The malicious software is hosted on one domain which has infected a total of seven sites over the last 90 days. Further, two domains, including, are functioning as intermediaries for distributing the malware.

The LSE stresses that its site does not contain a virus but an advert - since removed - posted on it by an agency would have infected users who clicked on it.

The news follows a miserable week for the bourse that saw its order book knocked out for four hours on Friday morning following a migration to a new technology platform.

The LSE is not alone in experiencing technical difficulties, with the Australian Stock Exchange being forced to shut down trading an hour ahead of the close due to a computer failure that hit the delivery of counterparty confirmation messages. The ASX says the problem has now been resolved and that trading will start as normal on Tuesday.

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