Confidential carbon trading data posted online

Confidential carbon trading data posted online

A firm providing marketing services for LCH.Clearnet has mistakenly posted confidential carbon emission allowances information online, according to the Financial Times.

Climate Markets posted the data, including names of traders, on its Web site in error but has since removed it.

The FT says it has seen a spreadsheet with details of 2118 trades in European Union carbon allowances, worth around EUR1.9 billion, cleared through LCH.Clearnet between January and October.

The clearer told the paper it will take "appropriate action" over the error, which Climate Markets managing director Phil Brown says was a result of his mistake.

In a brief statement published Tuesday afternnon, LCH.Clearnet wrote: "Confidential information was erroneously published by a third party. LCH.Clearnet is taking this very seriously and looking into the situation...The information published could not result in financial loss for our clients and all those affected have been informed."

Blunder reveals carbon trading data - FT (subscription)

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