Laptop repair man jailed over theft of e-banking details

Laptop repair man jailed over theft of e-banking details

A laptop repair engineer caught trying to hack into the bank account of an undercover Sky News reporter after stealing login details from her machine, has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

Grzegorz Zachodni was caught in a Sky sting operation into laptop repair shops last March which saw the reporter take a machine with a minor fault to various outlets.

A large number of personal photos of the reporter were placed on the laptop, including images of her in her underwear and bikini, along with log in details to eBay, Facebook and NatWest online banking.

Unknown to the shop staff, the machine also had covert software installed on it which recorded all files looked at and all Webs sites visited as well as images from the computer's webcam.

Using this, it was established that during the 20 minutes he worked on the laptop, Zachodni looked at a large number of the victim's photographs as well as files marked "private" containing her log in details for Facebook, eBay and NatWest online banking.

Zachodni was recorded on the webcam removing an external USB drive from around his neck and using it to save private files containing the reporter's passwords and log in details as well as two photographs of her in a bikini.

He then made six attempts to log in to the reporter's online banking account using the details from the private files on the laptop.

Sky passed on details of its enquiry to police and the suspect was arrested in October, pleading guilty to fraud by false representation last month.

You can watch the original Sky report here.

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