Voice Commerce gets EU trademark for 'Trust Centre' in financial services

Voice Commerce gets EU trademark for 'Trust Centre' in financial services

Voice Commerce has secured an EU trademark for the use of 'Trust Centre' - the term used to describe its voice biometric signature storage platform - in financial services.

The firm unveiled its VoiceTransact Trust Centre in the UK in April, enabling businesses to authenticate and authorise transactions using 'voice signatures'. It plans to extend the system to its entire existing 51-country network.

The 'centres' store voice signatures that enable an individual's identity to be validated and authenticated in real-time, anywhere, using any type of mobile device. These signatures combine an individual's voice biometrics with their transactional history, trends and location patterns.

The company is pushing the technology as an effective means to negate the risk of identity theft and fraud for mobile banking, which analyst house Ovum this week claimed is at high risk of increased malware threats because handsets are vulnerable to being lost, stolen and hacked.

Nick Ogden, CEO, Voice Commerce, says: "Over the coming year we expect to see the use of our guaranteed voice signatures become commonplace in financial services, replacing the multitude of passwords and PINs that have become inherent in the industry. With this in mind it is crucial that the term Trust Centre becomes synonymous with a trusted and secure KYC compliant platform for the storage of voice signatures."

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