Visa launches micropayments service in Australia

Visa launches micropayments service in Australia

Visa is taking on industry leader PayPal with the Australian launch of a new micropayment system for online shopping.

The card giant is pitching the payclick system as an ideal way to pay for downloadable content such as music, games and movies, enabling account holders to make purchases online without having to hand over data to sellers.

Accounts can be funded from any Visa, MasterCard or bank accounts and parents can set up sponsored accounts, complete with spend controls and purchase monitoring, for children.

After registering their details, users can make purchases at participating sites by clicking on the payclick button and entering their password. There is also an automated top-up function and transaction history feature.

So far, Big Pond Games, Big Pond Music, Flexischools, Habbo, iTunes and Kids Help Line have signed up as participating sellers.

Greg Storey, GM, payclick, says: "Payclick is designed to meet growing consumer demand for digital content, such as music, games and movies. payclick accounts are suitable for the different needs of family members, including those under 18 years old. We are providing a solution for sellers to monetise their content and services."

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