Kenyan bookie introduces M-Pesa-based mobile betting system

Kenyan bookie introduces M-Pesa-based mobile betting system

Bookmaker John Power has launched a service that taps M-Pesa to enable Kenyans to place bets on football matches using their mobile phone.

The bookie has set up a dedicated number for customers for M-Pesa which can then be used to make bets from advertised coupons using a simple code.

For example, Manchester United against Liverpool is advertised as match number 101. A home win is identified as #1, an away win as #2 and a draw as #0. The client makes their choice and then identifies how much they want to stake with a * and the amount. So, to bet 100 shillings on United to win, a client would enter 101#1*100.

Reference numbers are issued via text message and the bet is trackable. To collect their winnings, users text W and the amount they wish to withdraw from their account, which is then settled via M-Pesa.

Says John Power: "We believe this system will revolutionise sports betting in Kenya, and takes the market to new heights. We are very much looking forward to providing Kenyans opportunities to support their teams."

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