Goldman offers 1Click algo access

Goldman offers 1Click algo access

Goldman Sachs is to offer clients streamlined '1Click' access to its suite of algorithmic trading programs in a global effort to improve ease of use and create consistency across its e-trading portfolio.

The iClick offer launches orders into the marketplace after the user selects a preferred trading strategy, ranging from "ultra passive" to "super aggressive."

Greg Tusar, managing director and co-head of GSET, says the inititiative was launched in response to trader demands for simpler workflows with intuitive and consistent order entry.

"A broad and flexible algorithmic offering is critical-however we've found that many clients struggle to manage multiple parameters and strategies across multiple products, markets and brokers," he says. "The streamlined Goldman Sachs algorithmic suite, combined with 1click and a new, globally consistent naming convention, minimises the complexity of order placement while still offering customisation of the underlying strategies.

Algorithmic access for Asia, Europe and the Americas is available through all major channels, says Tusar, including third-party order and execution management systems as well as Goldman's own REDIPlus execution management system.

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