Heartland breach still hitting banks

Heartland breach still hitting banks

A bank in Colorado has begun blocking point of sale purchases over concerns debit cards may have been compromised by the massive data breach that hit Heartland Payment Systems in 2008.

Around 5000 First National Bank of Durango customers have been unable to use their cards in stores, although they can still withdraw cash at ATMs.

In a notice on its Web site, the bank says: "Please be aware that as a result of a security breach at Heartland Payment Systems that occurred over a year ago, debit cards issued by the First National Bank of Durango may have been compromised."

The warning continues: "It is important to note that there was not a security breach at First National Bank of Durango, our systems remain secure. The breach occurred at a 3rd party processor."

According to local press reports, First National Bank of Durango moved to block payments after several customers contacted it in recent weeks about suspicious charges on their bills.

Heartland revealed last January that malicious software in its processing system had been found, potentially compromising the card data of millions of people.

Computer hacker Albert Gonzalez recently pleaded guilty to the cyber-attack - as well as a string of others - and faces a minimum 17 year jail sentence.

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