Iceman gets 13 years for massive card data theft

Iceman gets 13 years for massive card data theft

A Californian hacker known by the Internet alias 'Iceman' has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for stealing nearly two million credit card numbers.

According to press reports, Max Ray Vision has also been ordered to pay $27.5 million in restitution and to serve five years under court supervision after he is released.

Vision was indicted by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on three counts of wire fraud and two counts of transferring stolen information in 2007.

Between 2005 and his arrest he hacked into secure computer systems connected to the Internet, including those located at banks and credit card processing centres, in order to steal account information and other personal ID data that he could sell on to others.

In addition, Vision ran a forum, called Cardersmarket, that was used by thousands of fraudsters to buy and sell stolen credit card data and coordinate illegal activities.

Vision could have faced 30 years to life in prison based on federal sentencing guidelines but prosecutors agreed to the lesser sentence because he has worked with the government since arrest. However, the term is still the longest for hacking in US history.

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