Wells Fargo extends text banking to all customers

Wells Fargo extends text banking to all customers

Wells Fargo has extended its text banking service to all customers, including those yet to sign up for online banking.

Wells Fargo claims to be the first major financial services company in the United States to offer text banking to all its customers.

Customers enrolled for the service can send text requests to the bank for information relating to their current available account balances*, transaction history, credit card payment information, and the address of the nearest Wells Fargo ATM.

"Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of our customers' lifestyles. People want to take action immediately - whether it's ordering a pizza, getting tweets or checking their current available account balance," says Wells Fargo SVP Secil Watson, head of customer experience and money movement for internet and mobile banking. "The ability to bank via text message expands financial management options for all our customers, regardless of whether they spend a lot of time in front of a computer."

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