FaceTime releases 'Big Brother' Web 2.0 policing app

FaceTime releases 'Big Brother' Web 2.0 policing app

Instant messaging outfit FaceTime has released a secure Web gateway for enterprises seeking to monitor employee content posted to blogs, wikis, webmail and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

FaceTime's Unified Security Gateway (USG) 3.0 combines content monitoring, management and security of Web 2.0 applications, with URL filtering, malware and web anti-virus protection.

The application is expected to prove beneficial in industries such as financial services by reducing outbound data leakage and enabling compliance with industry regulations, legal discovery requirements and corporate policy standards.

Nick Sears, VP Eemea of FaceTime comments: "With the massive growth of web based IM, webmail, blogs and social networks, it is now necessary to control other content posted to the web from within the organisation. Users will continue to bring Web 2.0 applications into enterprise networks and IT managers can either try to lock down the network, or they can secure these applications and reap the benefits of social media collaboration without losing control."

In addition to content control, the application incorporates a visual reporting engine that gives a bird's eye view of user behaviour across Web, IM, P2P and social networks. The system may be integrated with a Web/FTP proxy server, such as Bluecoat, through an ICAP-based connector or deployed in simple pass-by mode - a plug and play deployment which requires no change to existing network configurations, says the vendor.

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