Orc Software offers multi-exchange trading via NeoNet

Orc Software offers multi-exchange trading via NeoNet

Stockholm-based dealing system vendor Orc Software is to provide its clients with equity trading access to multiple exchanges through NeoNet's electronic execution network.

The two systems will be adapted in order for Orc-connected traders to send orders to NeoNet's electronic execution network, with trading access scheduled to be available in the autumn.

Orc users previously needed to file for multiple exchange memberships to trade on international markets. Nils Nilsson CEO of Orc Software, says: "Our clients can now use the Orc-system together with NeoNet's network to trade on exchanges where they are not members themselves."

The NeoNet network links to the London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen stock exchanges. During the third quarter this year NeoNet plans to expand connectivity to EuroNext.

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