taps SAS for customer insight taps SAS for customer insight

UK price comparison Web site has signed for business analytics software and services from SAS to help target new customers and improve retention.

The vendor says its software and services will help improve customer insight and make more targeted and relevant contact with them, thereby increasing the number of new users and improving retention.

In addition, the company will be able to open up additional marketing channels, optimise campaigns and work towards providing online product referrals, says SAS.

By looking at which customers buy what, why they buy it and when, will be able to identify who to target with offerings like home insurance, utility services and financial products.

SAS says signed for its technology because of increased competition from other aggregator and price comparison sites, alongside higher TV advertising costs.

The firm also claims the recession has driven increased traffic to its site as people look to shop around, providing an opportunity to become far smarter in targeting, to improve customer uptake and response rates.

Tom Beverley, customer director,, says: "Our main requirements from SAS are to reduce our cost of offer, bring down marketing costs, improve cross-sales with other products on the site, and increase retention. We want to improve the level of customer insight and are developing a lot of personal finance products that require better one-to-one targeting. Prior to SAS, customer insight was limited to information gathered via car insurance quotes, with no segmentation apart from very simple demographics like age and TV region."

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