Disneyland Paris to test contactless payments

Disneyland Paris to test contactless payments

Disneyland Paris is teaming with French banks Crédit Mutuel and CIC to pilot contactless payments using mobile phones and cards in its shops and restaurants.

The resort is seeking Disneyland Paris annual pass holders who have accounts with Crédit Mutuel or CIC to participate in the trial, which will begin in October.

Around 100 volunteers are being called on to test NFC-based mobile phone payments with a further 1000 people using contactless cards. Participants will receive discounts of between 20% and 25% on purchases in Disneyland shops and restaurants.

Last year French mobile operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom teamed with eight major retail chains in the country to form a working group dedicated to contactless m-payments systems.

The Ergosum project is working towards a contactless payment system using international near field communication (NFC) standards and implementation specifications that will work with all handsets, operators and retail chains.

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A Finextra member
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Nothing new here. My bank has been issuing Mickey Mouse cards for years....