CBA and IBM fix NetBank software issue

CBA and IBM fix NetBank software issue

Commonwealth Bank of Australia says it has resolved a data display problem that hid user transaction histories on its NetBank platform last week.

The Australian bank was forced to shut down its online banking platform early last week after a surge in transactions slowed performance and raised suspicions that NetBank was being targetted by computer hackers. However, when normal service was resumed many customers complained that they could not see their recent account activity records.

In a statement, CBA says: "The data display issue which restricted the ability of some customers to view their transaction histories online using the regular display balance feature was resolved Sunday afternoon. This problem is related to a software issue and we had IBM work with us to resolve the matter.

"The Commonwealth Bank unequivocally assures all customers that all account information, including balances, is correct and that the security of their accounts and personal information has not been breached."

The bank has yet to give an explanation for the initial problems which led to the site being taken down, raising speculation that capacity constraints at the busy financial year end - rather than criminal hackers - had crippled performance.

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