Barclaycard launches waterslide iPhone game

Barclaycard launches waterslide iPhone game

With the latest installment of its popular waterslide TV advertising campaign for contactless payments set to air Friday night, Barclaycard is looking to tap the Apple fanboy market with an accompanying game for the iPhone.

The game has nine levels, requiring the player to steer a character down an increasingly difficult waterslide in the quickest time whilst collecting points and avoiding objects along the way.

The free application, developed by fishlabs and Dare, will be available for download from mid-July.

Paul Troy, head, advertising and sponsorship, Barclaycard, says: "The launch of the iPhone "Waterslide Extreme" game is a first in financial services. The Waterslide ad has engaged millions online and this game gives consumers the opportunity to go on the Waterslide themselves."

The original waterslide ad first appeared last year and featured an office drone travelling home from work in a giant water slide, picking up groceries on the move and passing through payment tolls by waving his card at a reader.

The firm followed this up in March with a viral marketing campaign in which it challenged the public to create a home-made version of the ad and post it on YouTube, with the video receiving the most votes winning a trip taking in waterslides around the world.

You can see a video of the new game here.

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