Innovative Software launches financial aggregation platform

Innovative Software launches financial aggregation platform

US-based Innovative Software Technologies has launched its new financial e-services platform - The Financial Toolkit 1.0.

The platform is an integrated financial services program that allows consumers to perform a comprehensive personal financial evaluation, and then creates a competitive bidding environment from a network of financial service providers, says the company.

The program allows consumers to access financial education and services such as online discount brokerage, professional money management, life insurance, health insurance, credit cards, mortgages, tax counseling and preparation as well as estate planning services. The toolkit is designed to be a one-stop shop for financial education and services.

Douglas Hackett, President and CEO, comments: "Our financial services aggregation model has been extremely successful in the offline world. Taking it online has allowed us to significantly reduce the cumbersome paperwork involved in financial services and deliver our products quickly and efficiently. Not only have we cut the operating expenses associated with fulfillment but client contact and interaction has been greatly enhanced."

Hackett says the company will roll out its full-scale marketing efforts during the next 4 weeks.

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