EarlyBirdCapital acquires Angeltips

EarlyBirdCapital acquires Angeltips

Electronic investment bank, EarlyBirdCapital.com is to acquire the business assets of Angeltips.com, which provides US angel clubs and entrepreneurs with investment opportunities and information.

Under the terms of the transaction, EarlyBirdCapital will gain Angeltips.com's 17 employees, relationships with approximately 700 high-net-worth investors, 14 angel clubs, and numerous entrepreneurs.

Steve Fu, formerly president and CEO of Angeltips and now EVP and chief Internet strategist of EarlyBirdCapital comments: "By closing three private placement deals online since launching in late February, EarlyBirdCapital has proven it has the expertise and connections to quickly and thoroughly identify, screen and fund emerging businesses."

He says the deal with Angeltips will give the company extra clout with pre-IPO high net worth investors.

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