Finextra weekly news review podcast

Finextra weekly news review podcast

The UK police force's new e-crime unit makes its first arrests, helped by partners in the financial services industry; Goldman Sachs gets involved in a legal battle against a critical blogger; and Visa picks Malaysia for its first commercial contactless payments roll-out - it's all in this week's news review podcast.

The 20-minute programme, incorporating content running from Wednesday to Wednesday, will be available for download every Thursday afternoon through to the end of April in an initial 8 week trial period to gauge interest and feedback from among the Finextra readership.

The programme is designed to give you the key stories and trends of the week in a format you can easily digest while stuck behind the wheel in motorway traffic, delayed in an airport waiting lounge, or crammed into a standing-room-only train carriage.

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We welcome your feedback, and would love to know what you think of the production, whether podcasts suit your information consumption habits, or any other suggestions. Drop us a line in the Finextra Community area.

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