StreamBase looks to cash in on Aleri, Coral8 merger

StreamBase looks to cash in on Aleri, Coral8 merger

US-based StreamBase Systems is looking to cash in on the recently announced merger between complex event processing vendors Aleri and Coral8 by inducing customers to migrate to its platform through a series of 'Migration Best Practices Workshops'.

"StreamBase received several enquiries on Monday from concerned customers. There is clearly anxiety from Aleri and Coral8 users who have built applications on top of their CEP engines, and now find that at some point they may have to re-write their applications," says Mark Palmer, StreamBase Systems CEO. "Given the uncertainty resulting from this merger, we are offering any Aleri or Coral8 customers a one-time amnesty to migrate to StreamBase."

Under the 'Amnesty Programme', Aleri-Coral8 customers will have until April 30, 2009 to register their interest in trading-in their existing Aleri or Coral8 CEP platform for StreamBase.

As part of the inducement, StreamBase has designed a 'Best Practices Workshop' for those investigating the migration process, and is offering free porting services for any Aleri-Coral8 clients that purchase StreamBase in 2009.

Larry Derany, SVP of Products at StreamBase, says: "Customers of Aleri or Coral8 realise that they will need to consider re-writing applications to suit whatever the new merged Aleri-Coral8 code base produces. Now is the time to evaluate the available options by exploring a product based on industry standard SQL and from a company that has solid backing, such as StreamBase."

In their merger announcement Monday Aleri and Coral8 failed to offer a comprehensive roadmap to users defining integration of their respective CEP engines and procedural programming languages. The move by Streambase is likely to force the hand of the combined company to make a choice between the competing development options and provide customers with a clear vision of their future strategy.

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