Finextra launches Innovation Showcase

Finextra launches Innovation Showcase

Finextra has launched the Innovation Showcase, a new feature on highlighting the most innovative financial technology developments over the past 12 months. Across a broad range of categories it showcases technologies that demonstrate uniqueness and impact, clever ways of solving a problem and projects at the leading edge of new industry trends.

As well as selecting our own highlights from Finextra's comprehensive editorial coverage of all things new in the financial industry, we also called on submissions from vendors, consultants and financial institutions to help us broaden our search for innovation.

Because innovation doesn't stand still, we plan to review the showcase every six months - with the next cut-off for entries in early July. But for now, here is Finextra's pick of industry innovators across nine broad categories:

Authentication and security

Collaboration and knowledge management

Energy efficiency and green IT

Financial markets trading

Financial messaging and connectivity


Retail channel delivery and management

Risk management

Wholesale channel delivery and management


If you're a member of the Finextra Community, feel free to blog about or comment on the Showcase itself or any of the individual entries.

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