Majority of Canadians banking online

Majority of Canadians banking online

The Canadian Bankers Association reports that for the first time, a majority (53%) of Canadian consumers are now banking online, and that the Internet has become the primary contact point for more than a third (35%) of consumers.

In a CBA report on banking issues, the Association notes that use of the Internet as the primary banking choice is increasing among all age groups.

And while 82% of Canadian consumers have used a branch in the past year, the CBA describes the migration to Internet banking for day-to-day transactions as a "significant shift in consumer attitudes and behaviours".

With the Internet now established as a mainstream full-service channel for consumer banking, attention is turning to mobile banking and the provision of true anytime, anywhere access. However, just 14% of Canadians expect to be conducting their banking using mobile devices in the near future, says the CBA.

The picture is more rosy for tech-savvy Blackberry adopters, with almost half (49%) expecting to be banking from their mobile device.

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