Citi to offer mobile ticketing and payments for Warsaw commuters

Citi to offer mobile ticketing and payments for Warsaw commuters

Citi in Poland is partnering with the Plus wireless network to offer mobile payments and ticketing to customers using the Warsaw public transport network.

The 'Pay with your Mobile' programme has been launched by Citi Handlowy, Polkomtel, and local acquirer mPay, in conjunction with the Warsaw Transport Authority.


Sonia Wedrychowicz-Horbatowska, global consumer group, Poland country business manager, and vice president of the management board of Citi Handlowy says the objective is to create a common standard for mobile payments in Poland.


"It is the first time a bank, a mobile network operator and an acquirer have agreed upon a common business model," she says. "The innovation in mobile payments offered by us can become a mass-market service, and a standard that others will follow."


Subscribers can buy time-limited tickets - up to a maximum of 90 minutes in advance - by direct dial on their mobile phone. Payments, up to a maximum of PLN 300 for any one transaction, are extracted direct from the user's bank account.


There is no need to install additional applications, sasy Wedrychowicz-Horbatowska, and it is available to all mobile phone users irrespective of the mobile phone model they have.


The service is free of charge and customers will be able to activate it by signing an electronic payment instrument agreement with the bank in Citi Handlowy branches or by calling CitiPhone.


Jaroslaw Bauc, president of the management board of Polkomtel, comments: "We believe that, thanks to the fact that the service is linked directly to a bank account, mobile payments will soon become very popular and Poles will quickly discover the numerous advantages they offer.

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