UK online bankers think security threat is rising - survey

UK online bankers think security threat is rising - survey

Over 60% of Brits who bank online believe they face a greater security threat now than when they first signed up to the service, according to a poll for vendor Xiring.

The survey of 500 regular Web banking customers conducted by Vanson Bournem found nearly a third (31%) have either been a victim of online fraud themselves or have a family member who has.

Despite this, only 10% of respondents say their online banking habits have been affected.

When asked what would make them feel more confident on Web banking security, 21% of respondents said an extra security question would be the best option.

Xiring - which makes authentication devices for e-banking - claims this shows Brits need to be "educated" about online security because "static" passwords don't protect against phishing and spyware scams.

Nearly a third of respondents would feel most confident using a smart card reader to add an extra layer of security to their online banking. In contrast, just five per cent want to use their mobile phone for authentication.

Laurent Maitre, marketing director, Xiring, says: "It is heartening to know that UK e-banking users are aware of the security risks involved with banking online. However, it is worrying that a good proportion of users think that by answering an extra personal question, it will improve their security and protect them against phishing attacks."

Women are more trusting than men, with 59% believing that their bank would protect them from online banking fraud at the time of signing up, compared to just 48% of men. The 46-55 age bracket is most trusting with 62% believing their bank would protect them, compared to only 46% of 18-25 year olds.

The poll also shows that a massive 84% think their bank should have ultimate responsibility for online banking security.

In addition, Web banking is more trusted than e-commerce, with 74% of respondents believing shopping online is less secure than banking on the Internet.

Last week a PayPal poll found 49% of Internet users in the UK feel their bank's online service is very secure, making them considerably more confident than Spanish (28%), French (34%) and Germans (14%) respondents.

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