Wells Fargo extends mobile business banking service

Wells Fargo extends mobile business banking service

US bank Wells Fargo has upraded its mobile business banking service, CEO Mobile, to enable users to initiate and approve federal tax wires.

CEO Mobile is a wireless version of the bank's Commercial Electronic Office portal and was launched to a select group of corporate customers in April last year.

Since then, the bank has enhanced the service to include the ability to manage and act on potentially fraudulent ACH transactions, view more balance and reporting information and enable company administrators to reset users' passwords.

Wells Fargo has now expanded the service further to enable authorised users to initiate and approve federal tax wires and see which self administration dual control items they can act on.

Megan Minich, who leads the CEO channel team for Wells Fargo's wholesale Internet and treasury solutions group, says the early adopters of the system "tell us what features they need to make key decisions away from their desks".

"We're building solutions for their needs," says Minich.

In addition to the new functions, the CEO Mobile service delivers key reporting information - including balances, float, account activity and wire detail.

Users also have the ability to initiate and approve wires and can use the image positive pay service to view exceptions, including the cheque image when deciding to pay or reject cheque exceptions.

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