Diebold reports Banco do Brasil deal

Diebold reports Banco do Brasil deal

Brazil's largest financial institution, Banco do Brasil, has contracted with US ATM manufacturer Diebold for the supply of 3500 cash machines and 1900 cheque dispensers.

Diebold says it will provide approximately 3500 model CD 4500 cash dispenser ATMs and 1900 chequebook printing terminals to Banco do Brasil.

The vendor also will provide a software platform and operating system to drive the new cash machines.

The new ATMs, which are replacing older units, include advanced security technology, such as encrypted PIN pads and skimming devices, says Diebold. In addition the ATMs also have safe-locking capabilities, which involve a trigger that freezes the safe's mechanism when the lock is drilled, punched or torched.

Earlier this year the US manufacturer reported a contract with Brazil's Caixa Economica Federal (CEF) for the supply of 9600 of its cash machines.

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