ANZ to launch pre-paid Visa payWave card

ANZ to launch pre-paid Visa payWave card

ANZ Bank will use the upcoming Tri Nations rugby union match between Australia and New Zealand to launch a reloadable pre-paid contactless Visa card.

The bank will offer cards pre-loaded with A$25 to 2000 ANZ Stadium members for use during the Bledisloe Cup on 26 July.

Cardholders will be able to make payments of under A$35 by holding the plastic against a specially equipped contactless terminals located within the members' areas.

The cards can be reloaded with funds using Bpay via Internet or phone banking. The cards also feature magnetic stripes so they can be used at merchants that don't accept contactless payments.

Chris Clark, general manager, Australia and New Zealand, Visa, says: "The ANZ Stadium Visa payWave card is designed to improve the customer experience at major events. The shorter the transaction times, the shorter the queues and the sooner sports fans can return to the game."

Rival card network MasterCard has previously teamed with a number of American football teams to trial its contactless technology at sports stadiums across the US, including the New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles

Earlier this year MasterCard said it would team with card issuer MBNA to conduct a UK trial involving 3500 Manchester City football supporters. The pilot will see standard season tickets replaced with MasterCard's reloadable pre-paid PayPass cards.

Meanwhile earlier this month Visa said it was in the process of migrating its payWave contactless payments platform to a global specification that is based on the international EMV standard.

Visa says its new global spec, called Visa Contactless 2.0, will ensure customers can use their contactless cards worldwide, while still providing issuers with the flexibility to customise programmes to meet local market needs.

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