Dexterus targets City for voice and data services

Dexterus targets City for voice and data services

UK start-up Dexterus has launched a fibre optic-based application hosting and data delivery service for City of London financial institutions.

Dexterus is promising users high bandwidth connectivity, robust security solutions and a Tier 1 hosting environment. The company is also offering fully-managed services aligned with comprehensive inhouse monitoring for financial institution customers. CEO Keith Todd says Dexterus will soon introduce a series of application services covering the deployment, support and operation of Microsoft Office, Voice over IP and market data applications.

Says Todd: "Whilst there are a number of companies providing either software, IT or telecommunication services to the financial community as a part of their business, we believe we are currently the only company with a singular focus on the City with a combination of services tailored specifically for this market."

The company has been established with £21 million of initial funding led by Bain Capital. Steven Petrow, managing director of Bain Capital, says: "In the past the market has lacked vertically focused service providers specifically dedicated to the financial services community. We invested in Dexterus because it has developed the superior infrastructure, knowledge and skills to deliver quality services under one SLA for the financial services sector."

Dexterus' first customer is Perfect Information, an electronic distributor of online original company documents to the corporate finance and advisory sectors.

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