Wachovia introduces podcasts on Web site

Wachovia introduces podcasts on Web site

US banking group Wachovia is using podcasting technology to deliver financial content to its corporate and institutional clients.

The pilot podcast, called The Week Ahead, provides in-depth commentary on a variety of current economic events and their potential impact both domestically and internationally.

Listeners can subscribe to the weekly podcast using an RSS reader, stream the audio feed on their computers or download the file for future playback.

Juan Silvera, eCommerce director of emerging trends at Wachovia, says the pilot podcast "marks a significant step in the evolution of Wachovia's delivery of relevant financial content to our customers".

"This method of communicating will quickly become an essential tool for providing easy access and meaningful information to customers," says Silvera. "Several other Wachovia business units are exploring the use of podcasts, and we will continue to partner closely on how to best leverage this new method of content delivery."

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