Barclaycard invites pre-registration for new Oyster payment card

Barclaycard invites pre-registration for new Oyster payment card

Barclaycard is inviting cardholders to pre-register for its new combined contactless Oyster travel and credit card.

The new three-in-one card will be called Barclaycard OnePulse and is on track to be launched across London this September, says the bank.

In December, Barclaycard won a deal with TranSys - the consortium which runs the Oyster card system - that gives it the exclusive rights to place Oyster on its Visa cards for the next three years.

The cards have a standard chip and PIN payment system, Oyster card functionality and Visa's 'wave and pay' contactless payment technology, which will be used for low-value transactions and billed on the credit card account.

Elizabeth Chambers, Barclaycard chief marketing officer says: "We believe Barclaycard OnePulse is the future of payments in London and hope as many Londoners as possible enjoy the benefits when it is rolled out in the Autumn."

The bank has set up a OnePulse Website where consumers can check out the design of the new cards and register their interest.

So far, more than 10 million Oyster cards have been issued and 38 million journeys a week are made each week using the system. Since the introduction of Oyster card, the proportion of cash payments on London's Underground and buses has fallen to less than five per cent.

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