BNP Paribas to launch multi-product trading system based on Caplin front-end

BNP Paribas to launch multi-product trading system based on Caplin front-end

The corporate and investment banking division of BNP Paribas (BNPP) will use Caplin Trader to provide the Internet distribution layer and Web front-end for a new multi-product trading system.

Andrew Cohen, Global Head of eCommerce Marketing, BNPP, says: "Our current system has supported us well through the first stage of developing online trading offerings, but now we are keen to take it to the next level and create a more sophisticated platform that lets us anticipate market demands and rapidly add new functionality. Caplin’s proven web technology supports our ambitious technology plans by giving us advanced functionality combined with massive scalability."

After a rigorous selection process of nine months, BNPP chose Caplin in May this year. BNPP plans to install Caplin Trader in its London office and it is expected to go live in autumn 2007. Caplin Trader will be used to create a Rich Internet Application, which will enable BNPP to offer online best price and core trading functionality. The advanced Ajax front-end will make it easy for an end user to create a trading screen just using ‘drag and drop’.

Caplin Trader can be accessed from any standard web browser, with nothing to install and no changes to security settings or firewalls, which will enable BNPP to access a larger customer base. Caplin Trader is a web trading toolkit using Ajax technology, which is easy to customise and extend. Built on the Caplin Platform, its scalable architecture will enable BNPP to keep abreast of customer demand by just adding new servers as and when required.

Paul Caplin adds: "BNPP is one of the early major adopters of the new Caplin Trader product. BNPP’s strategy underscores the fact that to attract and retain trading liquidity, banks must have state-of-the art single-dealer portals. I believe Caplin Trader will enable BNPP to secure a lion’s share of this burgeoning market."

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