CohesiveFT and LShift launch RabbitMQ open source messaging

CohesiveFT and LShift launch RabbitMQ open source messaging

CohesiveFT, a US provider of virtual appliances for financial industry data standards, has teamed with London consultancy LShift to develop RabbitMQ, an open source messaging application based on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), championed by JPMorgan Chase.

AMQP is an emerging open standard for enterprise messaging and is designed to free institutions from the costs and constraints imposed by proprietary middleware and interoperate with many of the current messaging and Web services specifications.

LShift and CohesiveFT say the RabbitMQ standard enables developers of messaging systems to benefit not only from AMQP, but also from the Open Telecommunication Platform (OTP). OTP is used exclusively by telecommunications companies to manage switching exchanges for voice calls, VoIP, and now video.

Rather than creating a new messaging infrastructure, the RabbitMQ team built an AMQP layer on top of OTP using Erlang. Java tooling and clients are provided for developers and administrators to run RabbitMQ and connect to it over the AMQP wire protocol. Other language adaptors to come, say the companies.

Commenting on the development of RabbitMQ, John O'Hara, executive director at JPMorgan and chair of the AMQP working group, says: "The vision of the AMQP Working Group is that through standardisation AMQP enables businesses to reduce their integration costs and paves the way to simple, robust transaction processing between firms globally.

"RabbitMQ, implemented in technologies pioneered in the demanding telecommunications industry, demonstrates the innovation which can occur on the back of an open standard like AMQP."

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